Nothing can replace your vigilance in monitoring your own accounts through paying attention to bank statements and/or online banking for unauthorized transactions. Those are clearly the best ways to protect yourself and detect unauthorized activity (i.e.、被盗支票、未经授权的取款、未经授权的信用卡活动等.). Reporting any suspicious or unauthorized activity on your accounts in a timely manner to a 世界赌博十大网站 branch is critical in protecting your business and personal banking accounts.

然而,对于第一银行来说,没有什么比您——我们的客户——更重要了. 我们非常重视你的安全. 这些是我们为更好地保护你们而采取的一些保障措施.


用户ID & 密码 是否需要验证和确认您的身份. 世界赌博十大网站 customers should never share their login credentials with anyone and should never provide this sensitive information to anyone over the phone or through an email request. 世界赌博十大网站 will never place unsolicited 呼叫s or send unsolicited emails asking you to provide your login credentials. 不要将登录凭证保存在浏览器或其他地方.

挑战问题 are asked to help validate and confirm your identity as necessary before access is granted.

超时功能- 您的在线会话将在长时间不活动后自动结束. The best advice is to always sign-off and close the browser when your online session is complete.

加密 – 256 bit encryption is used to help protect and scramble the content of your online session.

您的帐户活动监控 – Provides you with the control to continually monitor all activity on your business and personal banking accounts for any unauthorized transactions.


Closely monitor your accounts using 网上银行 and immediately review your bank statements for unauthorized transactions.

当你在我们这里存钱时,你信任我们会保护你的钱. 这就是为什么我们认真对待安全和欺诈保护. 借记 card fraud can happen which is why fraud alerts were designed to quickly detect and alert you of unusual activity on your card. 诈骗警报利用文本, 如果您的卡上检测到可疑活动,会通过电子邮件和电话与您联系. 如果我们不能通过短信联系到你,我们会给你发电子邮件或打电话. So please log into online banking or your mobile app and make sure your contact information is up to date! Fraud alerts are the quick and easy way to catch signs of fraud and start as soon as you activate your card. To learn more click here >

立即访问或致电第一银行分行. 您也可以在正常营业时间拨打1-800-413-4211. You may also report your debit card lost or stolen 24 hours a day by 呼叫ing 1-866-342-5178.

信用卡安全码(CVV -“信用卡验证值”号码)
A three-digit security code that is on the back of your 世界赌博十大网站 debit card that helps merchants ensure that you are in possession of your card when making online purchases.

A personal information number used to help protect you when making ATM withdrawals or conducting point-of-sale transactions. You should always avoid a PIN that is easy to identify (avoid dates of birth, phone numbers, etc.). You should never give your PIN to anyone and never write your PIN on your card or leave it in your purse or wallet.

如果您想通过您的手机接收帐户提醒, 电子邮件或内置应用, 您可以在“网上银行其他服务”下开启此项服务. 您可以启用或禁用想要接收的警报类型. For example, if there is an 网上银行 登录 Error under your account, we can alert you. Or if your balance falls below a specific amount or if a transaction exceeds a certain amount. 当你想要得到警报时,它很容易设置,而且是一种很好的安全措施. To learn more click here >

我们知道生活是忙碌的. 不时地, anyone can lose track of how much money is available in their checking or money market account. 世界赌博十大网站 has a variety of ways customers can track the money you deposit into and withdraw from your accounts and a variety of overdraft products designed to help protect you. To learn more click here >


  • 包括: 在创建密码和个人识别号码时, 避免使用容易被猜到的信息.
  • 包括: 在很多网站上, you may also be able to strengthen your security by choosing a username that is unique and difficult to guess.
  • 包括: 不要与任何人分享你的密码或个人识别码.
  • 包括: Don’t keep written notes containing your passwords or PINs in your purse / wallet or in your home, 办公室, 或车辆.
  • 包括: Choose strong passwords that are at least eight characters long and contain a combination of numbers, 符号, 大写和小写字母.
  • 包括: Don’t repeatedly use the same password/PIN or set of passwords/PINs on a site after a password expires.
  • 包括: 不要在多个网站使用相同的密码/PIN.


The section titled “Your Rights and Responsibilities” in the Electronic Funds Transfer agreement of your account disclosure statement describes your rights, responsibilities and liabilities applicable under banking law with respect to your check card, 网上银行和电子资金交易. 请仔细阅读这一节.


世界赌博十大网站 branches can assist you with filing a fraud claim and/or in providing guidance to help protect you if you suspect that your bank account information has potentially been compromised.


世界赌博十大网站 recommends that all business and commercial customers periodi呼叫y perform a risk assessment and controls evaluation on their own information systems and accounting practices.

世界赌博十大网站 积极的支付 Services help detect check fraud by matching checks presented for payment against the company issued check file (checks written).

Blocks all ACH transactions or allows our business customers to select companies they authorize to debit their account.


如果你对网络安全有疑问或需要帮助,我们会为你提供帮助. 报失或被盗卡, unauthorized checks or ACH electronic transactions or to report suspicious emails or scams, 呼叫 1-800-413-4211 在正常营业时间或 1-866-342-5178 24/7. 你也可以给我们发电子邮件 online@mainealive.com 或者去当地的第一银行分行.



第一银行为你提供了多种防止透支的方法. You can set up optional Overdraft Protection to avoid the inconvenience of declined transactions and overdrafts. 世界赌博十大网站 encourages you to take time to learn ways you can protect yourself by reviewing our educational flyer on overdrafts and returns. 点击下方下载传单.

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只要你激活你的借记卡, 我们的借记卡欺诈警报系统会密切关注您的交易. 如果我们发现有异常情况,我们会要求您确认购买. 你会收到一条短信,询问你是否买了东西. 你回了一条短信. 它简单、快捷、容易.


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